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Being an agent is really hard.  There are so many things an agent must do in order to be successful.  We believe as a brokerage if we can do as many tasks  as we can for our agents  it will free up their time to grow their business.  Our thought is in other words, if we do the administrative and marketing part of the job for our agents they can  focus on prospecting and client satisfaction.  So,  with that in mind we implemented a program called STAR.  It stands for Support and Transaction Assistance for Realtors.  

The following is a brief description of the program.  At the end if you are interested in learning more there will be a link to sign up for a confidential webinar about it.

There are 5 main parts to the STAR Program:

1. Transactional Support

  • Verify that all required addenda  and initials are included with the contract.
  • Fill out commission disbursement forms.
  • Open escrow
  • Order title
  • Send copies of the contract to the other agent, buyer, seller, and lender (as directed by agent).
  • Build the file in transaction desk
  • Input all parties into transaction desk including agents, lenders, escrow and title, attorneys etc.
  • Upload documents throughout the process into transaction desk.
  • Create a calendar of events for the transaction and send reminders
  • Follow up with the escrow company, lender, and other agents as needed. Keep agent informed of those communications.
  • Every Friday send an update to the agent on all transactions.  Notify them of any issues or items needed
  • Ensure that all paperwork is provided to all parties.
  • Request an estimated HUD-1 statement for agent to review.
  • Follow up with the escrow or title company on the closing day.
  • If the agent represents a seller, send reminders to remove the lock box, obtain seller’s forwarding address, and change status in MLS to “sold” at closing.

2.  Listing Support

  • Order preliminary title
  • Home Warranty ordered
  • Set up client in business center as a contact
  • Create a seller drip campaign
  • Seller Insight Report (a website for the seller to see what is happening with their listing).
  • Letter of introduction sent to seller from Star Coordinator
  • Tips on preparing home for sale
  • Video or letter on what to expect once the listing goes live.
  • Order sign up with rider
  • Attach keybox to MLS listing
  • Add an autofeedback via the Supra site
  • Input listing into Matrix
  • Build a custom property flyer
  • Enter postlets
  • Upload docs to NWMLS
  • Design just listed postcards and have them mailed
  • Craigslist
  • Claim Zillow Listing
  • YouTube
  • Update on FB, Twitter other social media
  • Reverse prospecting
  • Build a Facebook Ad
  • Weekly Reports
  • Design and order just sold cards and have them mailed
  • At closing ad client into a 7 year follow up campaign

3.  Branding

Create a unified message across all platforms.  In other words, design a theme for our agents including their personal branding and messaging.  Once it’s developed we get it out to all of the places that they as an agent are showing to the public ie social media, websites, mailers, stationery, email, etc.  Then use it consistently to present their personal brand to as many places as possible.

4. Database Management

Next we work with our agents to organize their database into categories so that it is easier to prospect.  This is not a one time event.  Once organized it’s vital that every new contact is put into the right place so that they can be added to a campaign that will result in referrals.  We help them determine how to split their sphere into groups and show them the best way to capitalize on it.    

5. Marketing

We build a marketing plan personalized to our agents business needs.  This usually includes mailers, social media campaigns, drip campaigns, Facebook ads, online ads, content marketing and much more.  Each agent also must have a complete and ready to use listing presentation and buyer presentation.  The goal is when our agent is called to come meet a potential client for the first time they are ready to go and need do nothing to prepare.

As you can see it takes a lot of work to help our STAR’s be successful.  We have a team that works to make sure all of the 3 areas are covered. If you would like to learn more about what it is like to be a STAR  and the great opportunities of being a Real Living Northwest Realtor click below or contact anyone of us.

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