Real Living Northwest Realtor Retirement Program

One of the toughest parts of being a Realtor is the lack of a company retirement plan. I envy those Microsoftee’s and Googlers that we sell houses to that have retirement plans, stock options, company matching, great healthcare programs, etc. However, I know they envy our flexibility, entrepreneurship and ability to earn whatever we want just by adjusting how and what we do. That control is worth a lot.

But do we have to give up a retirement plan with company matching to become a Realtor? For many years I thought so. However, my wife and business partner Stephanie and I decided there must be something we could do. So we sat down and worked to find a way for our agents to have a retirement plan. After all, we do not feel confident that we’ll be able to work until we die. Retirement could easily last 20+ years. Will Social Security still exist in a few years? I am not confident in any of this so we need to help our agents make sure they are ready!

In 2015 we launched an investment club. It would be run by the members (the agents) and they would determine its direction. The main goal of the club is to promote consistent investment over the long run. The second goal of the club is to provide a company incentive to a long term investment. This company incentive is manifested as a matching contribution. The company matches 25% of the agents contribution. This investment in our agents will return dividends in the long run as we have happy financially secure partners to work with.

As the money collects, the membership decides where it should be invested as a collective. It could go into the stock market, it could be used to purchase real estate, stocks, bonds, CD’s or whatever the membership wants. Another great benefit is that the membership will meet regularly and discuss where the money should go. It’s a great way to learn about investing and helps us all grow as investors.

If you would be interested in learning more about this program and the great opportunities of being a Real Living Northwest Realtor contact any one of us.

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