We'll Sell Your Home Guaranteed or We'll Buy It!

Set an appointment with us and we'll help you sell your home for the most money and the least time.  Plus, if we can't sell it we'll buy it from you!

Here's a breakdown of how it works...

  • We give you a detailed checklist of preparing your home for the market
  • We give you a list price that we think you should put your home on the market at.
  • We also give you a guaranteed price that we will buy your home for. If we can't sell your house for more we'll buy it.
  • Our guaranteed price is not a lowball price. It is a reasonable price that you can count on.

Sign up if you would like us to contact you about this offer.

We are also having a webinar that we'll send you a link to with more information.

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How can you offer this deal

We are looking for rentals for our investment portfolio.  We can buy the property because we just turn it into a rental property.

Why is this being offered?

We are so confident in our marketing abilities that we do not see it as a risk at all.  We sell homes for more than the average agent and in less time.

What happens on a typical appointment?

We come over and create a detailed selling plan.  This plan involves staging and preparing your home so it shines in its best light.  Then we go through our marketing plan and show you how we will market your home for you.  It is not an average plan.  We pride ourselves on our marketing program.  Lastly we give you 2 numbers.  The first is where we think your home should be listed at to maximize your sale.  Second we give you our guaranteed price that we will buy your home for.

How can I learn more?

Call Stephanie at 206.696.4482, email me keoki@rlnorthwest.com or sign up above and I'll let you know when the webinar we are working on is.