What’s more important to a Realtor…branding or a call to action?

I am often asked what’s more important…Branding or a call to action.  My answer is yes!  I can’t pick one, they are both essential.  Branding is a long term play.  It is not what you do for quick results.  It is how, over time, you position yourself to the consumer.  It is the most important part of what we as Realtors do.  A call to action on the other hand is asking a consumer to do something now.  In our industry a call to action is less effective than other industries because the majority of people that we are  conveying our message to are not in the market at the moment.  That’s why branding is so important.  We need to position ourselves to be the person the consumer calls when they are in the market.  

An important point is that a call to action should be a part of your branding as often as possible.  It does not have to be a call to buy or sell.  It could be a call to sign up or to engage with us so that we can build a relationship with that consumer.  In fact, most of our call to actions will involve engagement unless you are targeting consumers that you’ve identified as being in the market now.  Think of this post as mostly discussing your sphere or geographical targeting.  In another post I’ll talk about ways to target active home buyers and sellers that you have identified through different methods.

When it comes to branding it is vital that you are consistent and you are painting a picture of who you are and what you represent.  Before you really start branding and advertising to the consumer you should start by identifying your brand to yourself.  This process is a whole post in and of itself.  

If you already have a brand and a consistent look and feel then the first step is to just start.  The following are some of the most common methods of branding.

  • Blogs/Articles
  • Newsletters
  • Videos
  • Social Media content
  • Mailers
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Banner Ads
  • Website
  • Postcards
  • Letters and cards

Each of the above opportunities are mostly about branding.  However, they have the ability to add a call to action to them.  These calls are most likely not buy a home now but some kind of engagement.  One method is to offer something of value like information or help and in return they give you their information so you can keep engaging and building brand loyalty.

Now that our branding is working and we are engaging with our future clients we need to drive them somewhere when they are finally ready to move.  For most of us that is our website.  This is where we need to make it very easy for the potential customer to find what they want.  It is important for the website to convey your brand.  However, that can not be the main point.  Your website needs several calls to action that are clear concise and simple!  

What should those be?  The majority of people are looking to find homes.  That should be THE # 1 most obvious thing on the front page of your site.  If a client doesn’t immediately see the ability to search for homes your website has failed.  No matter how pretty and branded and amazing it is.  It will not move people into working with you if you’ve missed that first step.

What else?  What other calls to action should be on your site?

  • Get a home evaluation.
  • Learn about the neighborhood or community
  • Market conditions
  • Learn
  • Contact you

A home evaluation is the next most important thing on your site.   Please do not have a call to action that says Free CMA!  Nobody but your agent buddies knows what that is!  Does your site offer an automated value with a follow up offer to get a more detailed professional value?  If not you need a new site.  People today expect info now.  Not later.  If your site can’t give it to them they’ll go somewhere else.  However, if you give them an automatic value and follow it up with the fact that it is very generalized but you would be glad to get them a more detailed report you will have a much better chance of keeping them on your site.  Example

Market information is something that is really important especially if you have people relocating.  You can either gather information and build it for each area you work or use an automated solution that gives a deep insightful look into the area and especially the schools. Example

Is your contact info clearly marked?  Can someone come to your website and immediately find how to reach you?  Can they call, email, text, or research you more thoroughly?  If not, fix it.  Getting someone this far only to lose them because they were tired of looking would be a shame.

Branding and calls to action are fundamental parts of your marketing mix as a Realtor.  Bottom line, before you get started on calls to action or any kind of marketing you must clearly define your brand.


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